Amber, a Detroit millennial comedian, is developing her next live set after the suicide of her younger brother and the adoption of the dog he left behind.

Producer: Ty Besh | Production: Trusty Digital Media

Filmed in 2023/2024

  1. Introduce yourself or your group
    • I am Ty Besh, a Documentary Filmmaker and video artist. I studied Film and Theatre at the UofA while working for AZPM, The Daily Wildcat, and The Lundgren Center. I helped develop “Creative Tucson” while volunteering for BRINK Tucson which then landed me a full time position producing shows in 2017 & ’18. I tend to find my way on film sets, where I make money and immediately spend it on travel and cultural experiences. I’m mix of Lebanese, Italian, and Polish, so I’ve never really felt connected to any one place or community. With that said, Tucson has been the place where I have developed most as an artist and human. I have made my most meaningful work here, including “A Techno Tragedy,” a 5 year project following the underground music scene and how it was quashed by mass development downtown. This is currently in the film festival circuit, awaiting its screening at “Cine Pobre” in Mexico this year.
  2. Describe what you need funds for
    • Very specifically, I fell into a Documentary with a childhood friend while visiting my parents this winter break. Amber and I came up in Youth Group together and have a quite powerful bond because of this. It has been many years since we’ve seen each other, but when I saw she was performing comedy in Detroit, I went to say hello. This was when she told me about her brother and the dog and all of the trauma the past year of her life. With my experience, I was able to collect a gripping and worthwhile story for the limited time I was back home. But I couldn’t get everything! The video above shows a few key pieces I am missing to the story and this is where all of the funds from this grant would be applied to. Flights, hotels, daily stipends, and potentially any leftover for soundtrack licensing.
  3. Explain how this opportunity relates to your artistic practice
    • I truly believe I’ve tried everything in Film and video. A quick google of my name will show that I have Produced, location managed, ran sound and camera, acted, edited, written, and sometimes did all of the above! I believe I am in the developmental stage where I see the beauty in being able to do it all, but on a small scale. With Amber’s Documentary, I can see how I put all of these skills to quick and meaningful use. I knew what not to do, and when to stop. With this grant, and the ability to finish exactly what I know I need, and only that, I think I will finally reach a level of artistry that bridges creativity, skill, and passion.
  4. Discuss the intended impact the project will have on this stage of your career
    • I have been growing in Documentary filmmaking quite rapidly in the past few years. At first, I really didn’t understand where I fit in the Film Industry or any industry for that matter! But now, I see my calling has always been my ability to connect and tell stories with others. I think this is a great next step in my journey and I’d be very proud to present it at The Screening Room Downtown.


Roundtrip flight TUC – DET | $800

Gear baggage check roundtrip | $200

Lyft TUC roundtrip | $80

DET rental car 7 days | $1,000

Daily food stipend (9 days) | $1,080

Amber story rights (full) | $2000

Soundtrack licensing (local artist) | $1,500

Ty Producing, gear rental, editing, color, finish | $30,000

Marketing & distribution | $60,000


Tyler Besh

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