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I tend to run around the World, but also tend to make things along the way. This is an archive of photos & projects 2011 – 2020

Asia | Interview

While exploring a chunk of Asian countries, I asked those I became close with the first thing that came to mind when thinking about the USA. Afterward, I took their portrait on a Mamiya 645 1000s. The film stayed in my backpack for 7 months, and when processed, yielded a very interesting look.

Story + Dance

This was a concept I came up with while traveling Europe. When I was back stateside, I would pitch the idea to a dancer locally. Idea was to have them share an important story from their life and then have another dancer improv to it. I then visited Chicago to have friend and violinist, Jon Lee, improv to the final result. Improv!

flow | monsoon collective

Tucson Art Queen, Violet Kasser, opened up a DIY space Downtown and allowed residents to fill empty rooms with creativity. Fellow artist, Belle Diamond and I, came up with the “Flow” concept. A way to visualize the beautiful state of mind. She did the artwork and I created a video that would be looped during open hours.


Autotelic – European Union, a project that was first video-interview-based, but after being mugged in Brussels early on became a 35mm diary of my travels. Like Asia, I mostly only released the shutter in moments of intimacy and joy.

Assorted Film/Digital

Tyler Besh

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