Tyler Besh



Ty Besh is a bi-coastal Director, Producer & 1st AD. He is most known for his Feature Documentary “A Techno Tragedy” which showcases the struggle of a DIY scene in a city seeing major investment. He has spent time on major film sets such as “Watson” by Lesley Chilcott, “The Wall” by Philippe Van Leeuw, Top Chef, and HBO “Duster.”

Having also spent time as a visual journalist, he was awarded the Society of Photojournalist award. His attention to story is shortly followed by his fascination with a beautiful image, making his work very captivating. The skills he has acquired from having to create stories through every stage of production himself has given him an appreciation for each role in the process.

Tyler is looking for a captivating story to help bring to life and is willing to travel to do so.

Other highlights:

Socials – Greenpoint Film Festival 2023

1st AC – Daily Planet for Feeding America 2022

1st AC – Minny and Jim – Madeline Jordan 2018

DIT Utility – Watson – Leslie Chilcott